Building an UberEATS that’s just right for you

From deciding which route on your commute will be fastest to picking between your favorite playlist and that new podcast everyone’s talking about, our days are filled with endless choices.  And when hunger strikes, “what’s for dinner/lunch/mid-afternoon snack?” is not always a straightforward decision, even when you have the convenience of food delivery at the push of a button. In fact, with more than 80,000 restaurants on UberEATS in nearly 200 cities around the world, making that choice can be all the more daunting. That’s why we’re focused on the right ingredients to help you find what you’re feeling. Here’s the recipe for balancing great choices with ease: Step 1: Mix selection with quality feedback When you open the UberEATS app, you see nearby restaurants grouped by a number of characteristics (delivery time, cuisines, etc), but after rating everything from your ride to your food experience, we’ve heard time and time again that recommendations from others matter when deciding what…

Week of the Italian Language in the World at TGV

Italian Film Festival 2017 is back with FREE tickets at selected TGV Cinemas at KLCC, Sunway Velocity Mall and 1 Utama Shopping Mall from 6th till 12th November 2017. Brought to you jointly by the Embassy of Italy Kuala Lumpur, The Italian Trade Agency Malaysia, Italy Malaysia Business Association (IMBA) and TGV Cinemas in bringing the art, film and culture of Italy to Malaysia. The event which took place in the INDULGE Lounge of TGV Cinema, 1 Utama was attended by more than 200 guests including bloggers, media, influencers, youtubers, beauty pageants, tv & radio hosts, local film directors, film enthusiasts and more. Dinner was serve in aperitif and canapes style along with Italian pasta. After dinner, we proceed to the cinema hall and before the movie began, a welcome speech by the Ambassador and IMBA president, Mr Bruno Bertella. After the speech, the screening of "La Mafia Uccida Solo D'estate" (The Mafia Kills Only in Summer), directed by Pierfrancesco Diliberto P…

The Kid From The Big Apple bags PIFFA Supreme Best Screenplay Award

Malaysian film director and scriptwriter, Jess Teong nabbed the PIFFA Supreme Best Screenplay Award for her work, The Kid From The Big Apple. The PIFFA Supreme Awards was held on November 5 at Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) in conjunction with the PROFIMA International Film Festival and Awards.  The award ceremony was a prestigious event to recognize hard work and significant contributions of actors and actresses, film crews and stunt professionals from 11 different countries. The primary aim was to serve as a motivation for them to produce more high-quality creative contents and in turn generate higher revenue and ratings. 
Along with Jess Teong, Mehran Kashani from Iran, Jack Neo, Ivan Ho and Link Sng from Singapore, Teong Hin Saw from Malaysia and Sang Man Kim from South Korea were nominated for the Best Screenplay category. Although The Kid From The Big Apple was Jess’ directorial debut, she made Malaysia proud by winning this award. While her film is an i…

Knightsbridge Resources Partners with U Mobile to Launch TraqKid

Malaysia’s First Mobile-Based Child Tracking Kit Offering End-to-End Support for Parents
Knightsbridge Resources Sdn Bhd (Knightsbridge Resources) and U Mobile Sdn Bhd (U Mobile) today officiated the launch of TraqKid, Malaysia’s first mobile-based child tracking kit that provides end-to-end support for parents so that they may be proactively updated on their children’s whereabouts when they opt for the service. It also enables parents to seek seamless emergency assistance from TraqKid’s call centre and responders from Community Policing Malaysia should the need arise. TraqKid is made possible with a U Mobile SIM card that is enabled with a SIM-based location service technology. At the partnership signing and launch ceremony, Chairman of Knightsbridge Resources & Founder / CEO for Community Policing Malaysia, Kuan Chee Heng, shared that the service was a first-of-its-kind in Malaysia. “TraqKid offers parents a seamless experience as everything can be done via a mobile phone. There i…

Celebrate and Experience Shichi-Go-San at The School by Jaya One

Japanese festival will be an eye-opening cultural experience that will bring families together with young children together
The School will once again host Shichi-Go-San, a Japanese traditional rite of passage for three- and seven-year-old girls and three- and five-year-old boys. The rite’s customary prayer ceremony will be conducted by special guest, Takebe Masahide, a shrine priest from Ikimi Tenmangu, the oldest shrine in Kyoto, Japan. Parents can look forward to bringing their children to learn and experience this cultural festival on 4th and 5th November at The School by Jaya One from 10am to 6pm daily. “We are thrilled to host this festival for the second time. The Japanese culture is beautiful and strong in bringing families and communities together, which is something that The School stands for. We hope this family affair is a fun, educational way for kids to learn about other cultures and nurture their curiosity,” said Charles Wong, Executive Director of Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd, t…

The Kid From The Big Apple Held its Official Original Soundtrack Launch

Three Pictures Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian award-winning production company renowned for the 2016 hit film, The Kid From The Big Apple, held its official original soundtrack launch recently at Setiawalk, Puchong. This makes them the first in the nation to execute such a concept of having an album launch specifically for a film.  The newly released album consist of a compilation of the theme songs, background scores and other audio tracks in Mandarin and English. These songs are from both the first film as well as the upcoming sequel, which is set to hit cinemas nationwide on November 16, 2017, followed by other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 
Titled “Togetherness,” the album gives fans a unique chance of hearing a preview of the songs in the upcoming sequel as well as reliving some of the hit songs from the first film. Jess Teong, the director of both the films, exclaimed that, “Good things should be celebrated twice!” 
This sentiment is echoed by AFV Capital Group Berhad…

Coala Kids Bag, A Gibb Spine-Care Bag for the Comfort of Our Children

There might be lots of options to get a kids backpacks but choosing the right bag is very important to our kids coz' it might affect their health and their mentality if wrong bags were given to them. With so many options available, we obviously can't test or even research them all. Instead. we looked for models that fit the following criteria... 1. Comfort Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag combines the ergonomic principles of innovative trekking backpacks with everything required for a school bag. It distribute the weight from the shoulders to the stable pelvic area and therefore are easy to carry. The well-padded shoulder straps that fits a kid's frame well to keep the shoulder straps from sliding back and off the kid's shoulders, a common problem on smaller kids. The padded straps will provide extra comfort on the shoulders.
2. Lots of Compartments A kid-friendly backpack will have lots of compartments in various sizes. This enables our kids to spread the weight around and avoid…